Welcome to the Jackson House

Photograph by: Jennifer Cornthwaite

A message from the Jacksons:

Anywhere we’ve ever gone in the world, we’ve always preferred local family businesses over the big cold corporate vibes. We made the decision to re-brand this photography business after getting married ourselves. We believe that we are better together, and so anyone who has worked with us can feel that we don’t just share our skill set in photography, but a certain degree of hospitality and friendship with our clients. We know we can’t visit ALL of our clients for the holidays, but we try! It’s not enough to tell you we care. So we prove it to clients all the time.

We’re in this business for the love of the art, and for the people we get to meet and connect with.

The Jackson House has always been a place where family and friends feel welcomed without a need for formal invitations. If there is anyway that we can run our business with the same level of inclusiveness, that will be at the very center of our business model. We hope that we can share our craft with the world, one photograph at a time.

With the launch of our new website, we just wanted to say ‘hi’ to our past, current and future clients; and ‘welcome’ to the Jackson House!


Zac & Cass Jackson