Ever find yourself feeling hungry looking at a picture of pizza, or drooling over a photo of a perfectly grilled steak? This is great food photography.

What makes Toronto food photography appetizing?

A photographer’s ability to light and shoot a plate of food and make people hungry, in turn, driving customers to a restaurant or product is exactly what restaurants and business owner want. Mind you, this doesn’t all just happen with the click of a button. Food photography shoots are sometimes done with an entire team of people including, chefs/cooks, food artists, and photographers to ensure that the final product is looking its best.

The food

The star of the show. A good restaurant will have quality food with a quality chef behind it. Depending on the client, a food stylist will be involved as well. The setting or atmosphere also plays a big role in food photography. How a table or scene is set will definitely add to your final shot.

The lighting

Two ways to go about it…Natural or flash. Food generally looks better in natural lighting, (the way we see it when we eat it) but that’s not to say a few lighting tricks can go a long way when it comes to accentuating a dish or setting the mood.

The gear

How and what a photographer shoots their subject with will greatly affect the outcome of the final shot. Using a tripod is essential for food photography to make sure everything is steady and sharp. Detail is key in food photography. Speaking of detail, a high-quality lens is another staple when photographing food. You want to get in nice and close revealing all of the texture and details of the food, which really gets peoples attention.

The post-processing

More often than not, food photos will need a bit of retouching before they hit the menu. Colour correction is a big one here. Making sure your colours are accurate to the actual dish or product is essential. No one wants to see a neon red tomato.

The professional

When it comes to food photography for your restaurant’s new menu, website, or marketing, hiring a professional food photographer will leave out all of the guesswork, as well as ensuring you’re getting a quality final product, just like your food. There’s a lot of time, energy, and food that goes into food photography, and just like food…you never want to waste any of it.