Miura Golf

Japanese pursuit of perfection

In May of last year, we flew to Japan with our friends at Sway advertising to shoot a short documentary and product photography, on the culture and deep history of Japanese golf company Miura. We started off in the heart of Japan; Tokyo. The city of Tokyo is unlike any city you’ve experienced before. With a population of 37 million, the operation, efficiency and cleanliness is mind-blowing. We spent 3 days in Tokyo capturing its sights sounds, people, and of course…food. We then headed 13 hours south on the famous Shinkansen “bullet-train”, (which travels 300km/h) to the much smaller, quieter, birthplace of Miura…Himeji.

The contrast of the two cities was black and white. It was almost as if we’d travelled back in time. With its setting of rolling hills and rice paddies, Hemji offered us a look into the more rural “old school” side of Japan. The culture was much more traditional, the people more reserved and humble. This is where the perfection of Miura was born.

We met with the Miura family, Katsuhiro Miura, (the master craftsman) and his two sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei at the Muira manufacturing lab. It’s there we were shown and captured the pursuit of perfection in creating a Muira golf club. We're no golf experts, but the passion and meticulous detail that goes into these golf clubs is astounding, every club handcrafted one at a time.

We spent the next 5 days capturing and documenting the unique process that went into creating these amazing golf clubs, and the incredible story behind them.

It was truly a pleasure meeting the Miura family, allowing us to step into their world, as well as being gracious hosts the entire time.

The Muira project was a truly unique commercial photography project for Jackson House Photography, and always, was a pleasure shooting along side Sway Advertising. A big thanks to Taylor Prestidge, Jonah Tremback, John Challinor III and Harris Usanovic for making it an unforgettable experience…besides missing my flight to Spain the next morning.

For more information on Miura and to see more of our work visit www.miuragolf.com 

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