Grey Cup 2015

103rd Grey cup

We hit the road for this project, with our friends at SWAY ADVERTISING visiting every Canadian City that has a team in the CFL to highlight one key player from each team. Collaborating with SHAW MEDIA on this project called ROAD TO THE GREY CUP which follows each key player's hopeful journey to the Grey Cup Championship. This project is not only one of our personal favorites, but is where Canadian pride and the art of marketing are combined for a truly unique experience for everyone involved.

20,000 KM in under 3 months and a whole lot of coffee on our road to the 103rd GREY CUP. Here a few of our favorite on field shots.

Client Testimonial

" As our official contracted photographer at Sway Advertising, Zac has been an incredible member of our production team for the past 3 years. Shooting a for a variety of clients big and small, Zac has always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism, and his work speaks for itself in terms of quality. He is attentive, open to critique, and always willing to strive to get the best photo possible. I highly recommend Zac for any type of photography work -- so much so that I also had him photograph my wedding. "

Taylor Prestidge, CEO Sway Advertisting