E & S Toronto Wedding Photography

vintage glam

E & S totally rocked a vintage glam theme for their Toronto wedding at Airship 37, but they added one special touch during their wedding day photo session. E & S took their wedding portraits on the beautiful grounds of the school where this gorgeous bride is a teacher. The weather was as flawless as her hair and make-up, and we couldn't ask for a more awesome wedding party.

Client Testimonial

" Most beautiful wedding photos EVER! Working with Zac (and his assistant/wife Cass) was the best experience. Zac captured all of the moments throughout the day without us ever feeling like he was in the moment with us. Cass was fantastic at making sure everyone's hair was in the right position and that you were looking your best. At one point she even gave her sunglasses to my sister since had forgotten hers in the limousine. Our wedding party was impressed at his organization and ability to pull our large group together, and how he encouraged more natural poses and candid shots versus cheesy poses. Our only complaint - trying to choose just ONE photo to frame."

E & S