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Toronto Food Photography tips

Ever find yourself feeling hungry looking at a picture of pizza, or drooling over a photo of a perfectly grilled steak? This is great food photography. What makes Toronto food photography appetizing? A photographer’s ability to light and shoot a plate of food and make people hungry, in turn, driving customers to a restaurant or…

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What is Toronto Commercial Photography?

Toronto Commercial Photography

“Successful commercial photographers are not only great photographers. They understand how things sell, and are able to articulate the qualities that drive people to purchase a given product or service.” The term “commercial photography” comes up quite often in the photography world, including my services page… but what is Toronto commercial photography? The defining characteristic…

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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

There’s a lot on your mind when planning your wedding, (trust me). Venues, flowers, food, drinks, music, dresses, the list goes on and on. Like a perfectly constructed puzzle, your wedding day will have many pieces you personally put together, and Photography is one of them. After you say “I do”, eat dinner, cut the…

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A Photographer’s Manifesto

It takes serious guts to follow your dreams. If you didn’t know from a super young age what you wanted to be when you grew up, chances are you tried a few different occupations on for size by the time you really figured out what you wanted to do with your life. It’s all too…

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