Whether you’re a real estate agent or looking to sell your home privately, a good Toronto real estate photographer will help your listings stand out and get your home sold faster.


Making sure a photographer has an existing portfolio or client base is very important. A good real estate photographer should have a website that displays their work and past clients/agents they’ve worked with.


Now that you’ve found a real estate photographer, it’s a good idea to really look into the quality of their work. How does their work compare to other photographers you’ve seen? Are their photos straight/level, in focus? Are the photos too bright or too dark? Do they include photos from all areas of the house, e.g. (indoor, and outdoor)? Essentially, their photos should make the house and property look appealing.


In my experience, along with many other types of services…good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good. Now that’s not to say there aren’t different price points to consider… Your typical real estate agent is just looking for one picture of each room and an exterior photo of the house, (usually 20-30 photos for the MLS) edited and delivered same or next day. No special lighting, detail photos, or additional editing. This tends to fall on the cheaper side of the pricing spectrum.

For higher quality photos, (usually used for custom homes) more time is taken to shoot the photos and more importantly edit them. Whereas a standard real estate shoot would take about an hour to shoot, (and an hour or two of editing) a custom real estate shoot would take 3-4 hours to shoot and 4-8 hours to edit.

What’s the difference…quality. The higher end photos will stand out from the rest of the market and make your home or listing look like the superstar it is!


Homeowner or real estate agent…the name of the game is to sell your home! Make sure the real estate photographer you hire delivers photos that make your listing stand out so it sells sooner than later.